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Io Zárate artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne is primarily known as a digital artist although she is a prolific fine artist who's work includes drawing, painting, and sculptures. installations, and performance.  Io's work has been featured in the press, magazines, and online publications. Her work has earned her several awards and nominations and has been exhibited in more than twenty cities around the world including, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Canada, and the USA. 

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About Io Zárate

Io Helena Zárate is a young, artist, which work includes illustration, animation, and performing art. Io’s journey first began at age eight, when she was exposed to many popular Japanese artists in the form of manga comics and her career has only blossomed from there. At seventeen she received her first award in recognition of her talent and creativity, at eighteen she began selling her work to happy customers, and at twenty her work was publicly reported on and her image used on the front page of Lifestyle North East alongside articles featuring Daniel Radcliffe and David Mitchell. Since then she has been featured in numerous publications, online, and exhibited in more than twenty cities around the world, including the UK, Spain, Sweden, Canada, and the US.


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Io’s ability is not just homegrown, but certified; she studied at the Joan Miró school in Barcelona, holds a triple distinction BTEC National Diploma in the Visual Arts,  HE Diploma in Performing Art, Certificate in Dance,  and studied for a Fine Art Degree at Newcastle University. 

Through developing her skills in animation, Io was awarded a Sponsorship  by Pixar Studios and in 2022 she obtained the Story Xperiential Certificate in Animation from Pixar Animation Studios.

Io's creativity has developed in different areas but her style and inspiration remains the same throughout all her work. Taking inspiration from such classics as Dalí, Yoshitomo Nara, and Takashi Murakami, Io has a particular affinity for surrealism and minimalism works and loves to add her own unique, personal touch of playfulness to such styles. Colour, specifically, is an integral component of her work that provides a beautiful medium for her expressive nature. Although her default form leans towards digital art, her skillset and interests are not just limited to these categories, as Io’s is a prolific and wide-reaching talent. She has previously applied her creativity in traditional painting, sculpting, installation, acting, acrobatic dance, and singing, to name but a few. The seeds of Io’s imagination come from around the globe, sources as far as the eastern reaches of Japan to the more local, but all her work is unique and vivid. Please, take the time to look around her gallery and appreciate the fine examples on display.


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