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Price of the work include shipping to UK Mainland

All of the prints featured are limited to 100, and are numbered, titled and signed by Io Zárate.

To buy a painting, print or individual gift please contact the artist or buy direct from the shops online.

Prices for commissions are a general approximation, the final price has to be agreed between you and the artist when you order the work.


Inked but not coloured.    £18
Drawing of a Character-  (pony, human or whatever): inked but not coloured.  £23

(additional Character- in the drawing      £5)

PONY, official Character-   ilustration      £30

(additional Character- in the ilustration   £10)


Character- inked and painted                 £65

additional Character- in the painting       £15


Prices include FREE delivery to UK Mainland

Delivery to Isle of Man and North Ireland has an extra charge of 10% of the value of the work.

International Delivery charges will vary depending on ythe size of the work and your address, Please feel free to get in touch and we'll sort it for you



Commission for original  or digital work... please contact  the artist in this LINK

​​The prices quoted for commissions are for non-commercial work. This means that you may not use the art to make money of any kind. You can’t take the art and sell it as prints, t-shirts, or anything else that earns you money, including internet currency (such as bitcoin or dogecoin) or website exclusive currency (like deviantArt points).

All art you purchase from the artist is for personal use only.

When you agreed the work with the artist your name will then be placed on a waiting list. The length of time may vary but we let you know estimated date.

(The artist doesn't accept private commissions. All her work is to be published under her copyright)

If your question is not answer in this page please use Contact me form.



Using PayPal

This web use Website Payments Pro

Website Payments Pro is an all-in-one payments solution that enables to accept debit and credit card payments as well as bank transfers. You don’t even need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal

Check if you need to add shipping cost to your delivery.

When you have the final price of your purchase click the link to PayPal.Me

Type in the amount of your purchase and click Next

  1. In the field “Add a note” write your name, your email and phone number

  2. Fill the details of the delivery address

  3. When complete, please click on the ‘Send money now"

  • Once you have complete this steps and the payment is complete you will receive an email confirmation and invoice for your purchase .

  • You will receive an email and the tracking number when the item has been dispatched , (allow for that 2 business day).

  • Your phone number will be given to the delivery company to contact you if any issue come up when the item is out for delivery.

  • If you have any enquiry please contact me directly to my email and I will do my best to help you in this process

  • This purchase is covered by Paypal Buyer protection

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